The basis of the Platonic ‘Science for ethical ends’, invented during the 3rd Century BC, was sacred geometrical logic. If, as Plato stated, ‘All is Geometry’, then St Hubert Pendant its first principles, together with the ancient use of plane geometry, govern the evolution of ‘All’. Prevailing science accepts that fractal geometrical logic can extend to infinity, yet is in a state of pathological denial that human evolutionary consciousness might embrace that infinite logic. Human emotional functioning is known to express infinite fractal logic.

In this article mainstream science is proven to be based upon a false assumption that is preventing research into the natural process of human evolution. Therefore, it is unethical for present science to continue to allow itself to be governed by the logic upholding only chaotic law, which excludes infinite fractal logic. In particular, it is condemned for preventing research into first principles regarding the study of cancer, as its present structure is completely carcinogenic in nature. This article appeals against the sentencing of humanity to extinction under the jurisdiction of the second law of thermodynamics. It does so on the grounds that the discovery of information energy’s entanglement with entropic law, absolutely negates Chaos’ authority to govern science and human destiny.

At the dawn of civilisation in Mesopotamia the Sumerians invented a mathematical system that now influences 21st Century thinking. For example, a circle still contains 360 degrees and our wristwatches calculate 60 minutes to the hour. This ancient seeding of ideas for futuristic science can be considered to be part of the human evolutionary process. Therefore, it is crucial that we check out the significance of why two very different concepts arose about the use of emotional, sacred geometrical logic, within the development of Egyptian and Babylonian atomic mathematical systems. The fate of civilisation now rests in making that comparison a serious medical consideration about first cause principles being needed to study the nature of carcinogenic growth.

Two states of geometrical logic existed in ancient times. One was related to plane geometry associated with surveying the boundaries of land and the other was about the religious structure of emotional reality. In Babylon the development of sacred geometrical logic was fused into the worship of Ishtar, the ‘Goddess of Prostitution and War’. In 1957 the New York University Library of Science published a book entitled ‘Babylonian Myth and Modern Science’. The book stated that Albert Einstein derived his theory of relativity from Babylonian mythological-mathematical intuition. The ultimate mathematical equation for war, E=Mc2, can be considered to have its origins in Babylonian materialistic culture. Neo-Darwinian concepts argue that survival of the fittest, as the basis of evolution, is ensured through the ruthless ambitions of genes to replicate themselves through procreation. This is related to the Babylonian warrior cult’s amoral sexual mindset, amoral being defined in medical terms concerning a religion promoting the spread of syphilis and gonorrhoea.